Reconstructive Facial Plastic Surgery: Problems and Solutions

филатовская микрохирургия

Reconstructive Facial Plastic Surgery: Problems and Solutions

by:  Hilko Weerd
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 This practical step-by-step surgical guide to plastic and reconstructive surgery of the face was written by Professor Hilko Weerda, well-known worldwide for his auricular reconstruction techniques, and for his extensive experience in facial plastic reconstructive surgery and teaching. With more than 600 two-color drawings, the information in this book is easily accessible with a clear and compact text, and very instructive step-by-step illustrations of the various techniques. The first part of the book comprises general information, including the anatomy of the skin and skin flaps, basics of facial surgery, wound healing, instrumentation, suture material, Z-plasty, scar revisions, and defect closing techniques with standard rotation, transposition and advancement flaps. The second, more specific part deals with defect closure techniques in various regions: forehead, nasal, lips, chin, cheek, eyelids, and aurical. The most extensive chapters are devoted to the nasal and aurical regions. There is also a chapter on the harvesting of rib cartilage and specific carving techniques for aurical reconstruction, as well as three short chapters covering myocutaneous island flaps

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