Disorders of the lunotriquetral joint Atlas of the Hand Clinics

Детская пластическая хирургияPublisher: W. B. Saunders 
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Publication Date: 2004 
ISBN-10 / ASIN: B001VZ3H08 
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Disorders of the lunotriquetral articulation of the wrist remain a challenging problem for hand surgeons in the twenty-first century. The anatomy is complex and difficult to repair or reconstruct.
The pathophysiology remains difficult. The diagnosis often is delayed or missed, and surgical treatment continues to be fraught with complications. It is for this reason that this edition of 
Atlas of the Hand Clinics is devoted to disorders of the lunotriquetral articulation. 
The text is organized in a logical progression. First, expert anatomists discuss the anatomy and kinematics of the lunotriquetral articulation. Next, our current understanding of the pathophysiology as it relates to the spectrum of ulnar-sided wrist pain is discussed. The clinical diagnosis, provocative maneuvers, and characteristic history are presented, followed by a section on imaging modalities.
In the treatment of the disorders, it becomes immediately apparent that these injuries may seem to be isolated, but are often part of a spectrum of ulnar-sided injury. The treatment of these disorders reflects the progressive nature of the injury. The association of lunotriquetral injuries with ulnar carpal abutment is discussed, together with its management. Next, the spectrum of ulnar-sided injury is discussed with the relationship of the lunotriquetral joint to injuries to the triangular fibrocartilage and to the midcarpal joint. 
Finally, techniques of reconstruction of the articulation, including soft tissue reconstructions and arthrodeses, are discussed, from a technical expertise perspective to the results of surgical treatment.

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